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In 2000 we formulated our mission statement:  “Seeking to bring Jesus Christ into the heart of our community.”  This has been a helpful guide as we have sought to develop our ministry to our village.  In 2011 the PCC began to re-assess our values, think about our purpose and God’s vision for the future of Rudgwick Parish Church.  In particular, we have been seeking God for where He is calling us and what He wants Holy Trinity and St John's to be like in years to come.  What follows are the results of that process - the picture we believe that God has given us of what He wants Rudgwick Parish Church to look like.  You can also listen to talks about our Vision on the Vision and Values Talks page.
Our Purpose
The purpose of Rudgwick Parish Church, the reason we exist, is to ‘glorify God and enjoy him forever’.  We want everything that we do, whether individually or together, to be an act of worship of our Heavenly Father.
Our Mission
Our mission, what God call us as His followers to do, is to take Jesus into our community – loving God and loving others as we make disciples. This is summarized by our mission statement:
‘Seeking to bring Jesus Christ into the heart of our community’
Our Vision
Through God’s grace, as a Church we have come a long way over the last 20 years.  What follows is a result of seeking God’s vision for the next stage at Holy Trinity and St John’s.  It gives us something to aim towards, a direction to move in, to pray for and to give our best energies to.  It flows from who God has called us to be – expressed in our purpose, values and mission.
With God’s help, and through His power at work in us, we will try and fulfil this vision by …
  • Going deeper with God – helping each follower of Jesus to become whole hearted in following Jesus
  • Becoming closer to one another – in our fellowship with one another
  • Reaching further out into our community - Proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God and serving our community in practical ways
What will this look like for Holy Trinity and St John’s?
We want to be growing deeper with God …
  • We want to be a Church where our worship engages people and helps them to encounter God.
  • As we grow deeper with God, we want to be constantly learning from the Bible and becoming more like Jesus. We want to be a Church where the Bible is explained, taught and made relevant to everyday life.
  • We want to respect and value different preferences for styles of worship, whether Traditional, Classical or Contemporary, whilst ensuring that all our worship connects with people.
  • We recognise that following Jesus is about an on-going relationship throughout the week.  As people who take that relationship seriously we want to invest in it through small groups and prayer meetings.
  • We want to be a Church that whilst grounded in our history, is not living in the past.  We recognise that we belong to God’s church, rather than our Church and that God is creative – always doing new things: we want to move with Him.
  • We want our buildings to be welcoming, helping to connect everyone in the building with each other and with God.  We want to be able to use our wonderful historic buildings to enable ministries for God’s Glory and to build His Kingdom.
What will this look like for members of Rudgwick Church?
We want to grow closer to one another …
  • We want to be people who are growing in faith, where our lives are transformed by and surrendered to Jesus.  We want to live changed lives, progressing in our faith through meeting with each other as a group of people whose lives centre on Jesus.
  • We want to always meet together, moving forward following God’s direction, united in God, united with one another and united in prayer – walking hand in hand, supporting each other.
  • We recognise that God has called each one of us – young or old, at school, retired or in between – to play our part in His Church.  We recognise that we are all unique and no one else can do what God has called us individually to do, so we want everyone to play their part.
  • We want to be honest, real and vulnerable with each other.  We recognise that we are all a work in progress – no one is perfect and we don’t want to have to pretend otherwise.  We want to be a Church where forgiveness is offered, grace thrives and hope abounds – a place where imperfect people are always welcome.
  • We want to offer help and let others serve God, by accepting their help.
What will this look like in our community?
We want to go further out into our community … 
  • As a Church we want to be involved in our community, taking Jesus with us to the clubs, societies, organisations and schools.
  • We want to actively bless our community both through prayer and through acts of service, truly being a Church without walls and being there to support people in their times of need.
  • We want to continue with the ministry of Jesus: proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God, demonstrating it in practical, caring ways and helping people on their faith journey.
  • We want to be a refuge in a frightening and messy world, walking alongside people, listening to them and helping them, because we recognise that people are priceless and, like Jesus, we love them.
  • We want to be united in fellowship with our brothers and sisters at Rudgwick Chapel.
  • We want to help take the good news of Jesus beyond our village by supporting Gospel ministry throughout our world.
We want to do all of these things for the glory of God.
Vision Prayer
Heavenly Father,
Pour out your Holy Spirit on our Parish, that Rudgwick would be known as a place of grace and hope.
May Rudgwick Church be a beacon for you and your Kingdom, shining your light into the darkness.  May your living water flow from us to all areas of our community changing lives and bringing life wherever it goes.
Help us to proclaim the good news of your kingdom in practical, caring ways; that the Gospel would flow out from here and touch people’s lives.  May they respond to your call and be transformed into passionate disciples of Jesus.
Send revival Lord and start with us, that Jesus would be glorified in our village.