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Everything you need to know about a Church of England Christening
We are delighted that you want to find out about the possibility of a Christening at Holy Trinity.
At the heart of Christening is not the service itself, but the decision to become a follower of Jesus, or to bring your child up as a follower of Jesus - a Christening is simply a visible and public sign of this decision.  During the Christening your child will be Baptised.
The promises that parents and Godparents make at a Christening are big commitments (similar to the vows people make in a wedding).  To help you understand what happens in the service, and to make sure you are happy with the promises you will be asked to make, we run a preparation course.  The course takes place over two evenings a few weeks apart and runs several times a year.  If you decide that, hand on heart, you are not able to make the promises required by a Christening then we'd be very happy to talk to you about a service of thanksgiving as an alternative.
If you are thinking about Christening, either for yourself or your child, then the first step is to come to a service at Holy Trinity and speak to Martin, the vicar, afterwards.  He will take some contact details and arrange to meet with you. Please note that your child should normally be Christened in their own parish church - if you do not live in the parish of Rudgwick, please first speak to your own vicar.

You can find lots of helpful information about Christenings on the Church of England's Christening website.