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Hilary Cotter Fund

The Hilary Cotter Fund was established in memory of the late Hilary Cotter who was a member of Rudgwick Parish Church from 1984 until her death in October 2005.  Hilary was a keen traveller and an enthusiastic supporter of travel by young people particularly where that travel was related to serving the poor, development or mission.
With the encouragement of Hilary’s family, several friends gave some thought as to what might be an appropriate memorial for Hilary. The concept that emerged was to create the “Hilary Cotter Fund” to be used to support travel by young people of the village.
A public appeal raised £11,000 to establish the Fund and applications are invited for grants which will be awarded by a committee appointed and chaired by the Vicar of Rudgwick and representing the whole community.
The intention is that the fund will have a life of 10 years and the annual grant would be funded by income and a run down of capital over that time.  Restricting the life of the Fund in this way does not burden our successors with an endowment fund which decreases in real terms over many years. The fund made its last grants in the spring of 2017.  Having given away all of the money raised The Hilary Cotter Fund is now closed.  During the fund's life it made over 40 grant to young people in Rudgwick.