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Funerals and Thanksgivings

Firstly, we would like to begin by expressing our condolences on your loss. 

We realise that although we are made in the image of God, everyone is unique and therefore no two Christian funerals are alike.

As part of the planning for the funeral the person who will be taking the funeral service will meet with you to help you choose music, readings and make the arrangements for the service.

At Holy Trinity we want to help you say goodbye to your loved one and commit them to God’s mercy,  in a way that it is appropriate and fitting for them. 


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Holy Trinity from the back

Funeral Director

The first step however, is to find a funeral director and to explain to them that you would like a Christian funeral at Holy Trinity. 

The funeral director will then co-ordinate dates with the various people involved, and pass your details to us so that we can finalise arrangements with you.


You can find lots of helpful information, including popular hymns and Bible readings, at the Church or England website

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