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Our Services

We have a service in Holy Trinity on a Sunday at 10.30am.  

We look forward to welcoming you and ask that, for your own and other's safety, you do the following:

Face Coverings: 

The government require face coverings to be worn in places of worship, however there is an exemption for those who are leading services, and those who preaching, read or leading prayers to enable communication, particularly with those who rely on lip-reading, facial expressions or clear sound.  Please remember that face covering are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer, from coronavirus COVID-19 and that they are not a replacement for physical distancing and regular hand washing.


Please arrive 20 minutes early to allow for our welcoming procedure; we will need to take note of your contact details and also ask you to use sanitiser prior to sitting.

We need to limit numbers to our capacity with social distancing and this will be done on a first come first served basis. 

You will be asked to queue outside the porch and we ask that you to use the markers to help you social distance - please do let us know if  standing for a period of time is a struggle for you.


We would encourage you to bring your own bible to church.


As you are directed to the next available pew we ask that you group yourselves by households or support bubbles.

We will fill up from the front and ask you to go to the first empty pew nearest to the front.  

Please do not stop to chat to people on your way. 


We are not currently allowed to offer refreshments.


 Sunday Rocks (4-10years old) will take place at Church Gate House and Engage (10+years)  will take place at Jubilee Hall.
 Please drop your children off here prior to the service starting (10.20-10.30am) and you can pick them up after.

If you are bringing children / young people to groups on Sunday kindly print and complete a new consent form for each child.

St John's:

Due to the size of the building and social distancing, we will not be holding services at St John’s for the time being. 


We will continue to offer online services which are to be found on our home page.


Please find our below our pattern of usual services:
We have a number of services each Sunday, some at St John's, in Tismans Common and others at Holy Trinity.
Details of our services and what is going on at Holy Trinity can be found in our term card.

Tismans Service
The Early Service

8.30am every Sunday, except the 4th Sunday of the month.

A quiet, said service of Holy communion at St John's, Tismans Common following the 1661 Book of Common Prayer. It takes place on the first, second, third and fifth Sundays of the month.


Trad HC Service

Traditional Holy Communion Service 

9.00am on the 4th Sunday of the month

A traditional service of Holy Communion with the organ, hymns and the choir on the fourth Sunday of the month.


Contemporary serviceContemporary Family Service 

10.30am every Sunday

A contemporary service with a music group for all ages at Holy Trinity. We start the service all together before the children young people leave for groups (called 'Sunday Rocks').  On the first Sunday of the month the children and young people stay in for the whole service which is an All Age service; on the second and fifth Sundays of the month we have Communion.



Evensong / Evening Prayer

6pm on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month

On the first and third Sundays of the month we gather together at Holy Trinity for a service of evening prayer with the choir.  On the third Sunday of the month we conclude evening prayer with Communion.


Hearing or Visual Impairment

If you use a Hearing Aid you can access our hearing loop buy using the ‘T’ (Telecoil) setting. 
We also provide large print versions of all the service orders, songwords and confessions. 
Please ask a steward if you require further assistance.