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New to Church?

A warm welcome to Holy Trinity. If you are new to church, haven't been for a while,
or are just new to this church in particular, you may have a few questions
about what goes on. So we hope the FAQS below are of help to you. 

If you would like to know more then please come along to one
of the services or contact the office

I haven't been to church before...

Experiencing church can be a bit daunting, so at Holy Trinity, we try to be a friendly church that will connect with your daily life. Staying for coffee afterwards can be a good way of getting to know some of us a bit better, but if you’d rather slip out a bit more anonymously that’s okay too!  You’ll find people of all ages and from all walks of life. The chances are, there will be someone very similar to you!


Should I put something in the collection?

There is an offering plate at the back of the Church but it is not intended for our guests. Holy Trinity is supported financially by the people who have chosen to make the church their home. We'd like you to keep your money and we offer the service as our gift to you.

How will I know what to do?

When you come in as well as a friendly smile you'll be given any service booklets or sheets you need. We try and keep following things in books to a minimum - and so at our 10.30am contemporary family service most of what you will need will be on a  screen at the front. Everything about the service will be explained by the person leading the service - our style is relaxed, so we hope you will be to!

legs pew


What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable – some of us wear ties and jackets and some of us wear jeans and t-shirts.


You can find more information on our services page.

What if I am late?

Please don't worry - we all run late occasionally. Just slip in and join in where we have got to in the service. We would rather you slip in late and have you worship with us than you not come at all!. One of our welcome team (called sidespeople) will give you anything you need and point you in the direction of a seat.


What about my children?

Holy Trinity is a church for all ages, and we welcome children of all ages. We really don't mind if they need to move around and make some noise! If you want to stay with your child to help them settle in their group, that's fine - just make yourself known to one of our helpers with a name badge. If you want to go back in to church then be assured that your child will be well cared for.

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