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The Freedom in Christ Course

Jesus said that "we will know the truth and the truth will set us free". (John 8v32)  

However simply hearing or reading the truth is not the same as knowing the truth.  

This course is designed to help the truth make the journey from our head to our heart.  It's not simply a matter or knowing things or having other things in our lives to do, rather it is about having a deeper grasp of who we already are in Christ.

We start by looking at some of the key truths we need to know about what it means to be a Christian.  However, every day we struggle against three things that conspire to push us away from those truths and so we also look at how the world, the flesh and the devil work to enable us to renew our minds and stand firm.  

God does not change our past, but by His grace He enables us to walk free of our past.

We then move on to look at how we can take hold of what Christ has done for us in order to do just that, including ‘The Steps To Freedom In Christ’ day.  Having taken hold of our freedom in Christ, we now need to concentrate on growing to maturity. 

We finish the course by learning how to stand firm, how to relate to other people and how to stay on the path of becoming more like Jesus. 


The course is split into 4 sections, over 14 evenings, with a day away near the middle of the course. 


For more information please talk to Martin, the vicar.