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Our Vision

What follows is a result of seeking God’s vision as we look ahead at Holy Trinity and St John’s.  It gives us something to aim towards, a direction to move in, to pray for and to give our best energies to.  It flows from who God has called us to be.

Our Purpose is the reason we exist – it is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.  We want everything that we do, whether individually or together, to be an act of worship of our Heavenly Father. 

Our Mission is another way of expressing our commitment to the two Great Commandments and the Great Commission: ‘Seeking to bring Jesus Christ into the heart of our community’

Our Vision is to be a healthy, growing village Church.  As we look to the future and all that God is calling us to be and do here in Rudgwick, our Vision centres around the following four areas …

Our Worship of God

We want everyone to feel God’s unconditional welcome and love; to encounter Him and have a sense of ‘coming home’.  Our desire is for our worship to be the best it can be, spirit filled and leading us into God’s presence; we are praying that God will continue to grow His Church.  We want to see children, young people and adults of all ages taking their place in the life of the Church and worshipping God in all that we do.

Our desire is to grow closer to God, deepening our relationship with him with prayer underpinning all we do and everything being an act of Worship to God.

Church top view

Our Discipleship as followers of Jesus

We want to see every follower of Jesus become fully rooted, established and growing in Him - bearing fruit for His Kingdom.  We aim to offer appropriate resources for all, whatever their age or stage of life or situation; supporting the deepening of their faith to help them take their place serving God in their daily lives.

We encourage everyone to attend a small group, facilitating a deeper sense of belonging and fellowship; allowing individuals to care for one another; meeting daily needs and growing closer to Jesus in Bible study and prayer.

We celebrate everyone’s God given gifts, choosing to be more effective for Him together as the body of Christ.

Our Outreach and Evangelism in the Power of the Spirit.

We want to share the Good News of the Kingdom of God in words and deeds.  We aim to be a Church that is visible in our community with a presence on every street and throughout our parish.  As a Church we want to play a leading role in strengthening the community and serving our village in practical ways.

We want to provide ‘stepping stones’ for people on their journey to faith as they move to being wholehearted disciples of Jesus.

We pray for thriving youth work, visible to the village and centred on Rudgwick Youth Centre.  We long to see young people coming to faith, finding their sense of purpose and place in God’s world.

We want to be a church that is relevant, engaging with current issues.

window light

And the Resources needed to release the vision God has given us.

In addition to finances, we want to raise up and release the 

people to make this happen, being a generous Church in giving to mission and ministry.  Holy Trinity will be a welcoming and accessible building with a flexible, re-ordered space and improved car parking.

All of our buildings will provide good quality provision for ‘stepping stone’ activities.

Vision Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Pour out your Holy Spirit on our Parish, that Rudgwick would be known as a place of grace and hope.

May Rudgwick Church be a beacon for you and your Kingdom, shining your light into the darkness.  May your living water flow from us to all areas of our community changing lives and bringing life wherever it goes.

Help us to proclaim the good news of your kingdom in practical, caring ways; that the Gospel would flow out from here and touch people’s lives.  May they respond to your call and be transformed into passionate disciples of Jesus.

Send revival Lord and start with us, that Jesus would be glorified in our village.


vision road