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The truth is we are all going to die, but for many years the western world has been somewhat reticent when it comes to talking about death.

For those with big questions about death, dying and funerals, having someone to talk to can be invaluable. But how do you start those conversations, and with whom?

HTR back

The Church of England has been helping people think about these questions for centuries 
and has recently produced a new way to help us think and talk about such difficult things. 

GraveTalk is a one session café space designed to help us begin conversations about death, dying and funerals, whether you have a faith or not. There is free tea, coffee and cake and after a chance to mix socially with others.  

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We then invite you to break into groups of three to six people around a table to start the discussion, helped along by GraveTalk conversation cards, covering 5 different areas (Life, Death, Society, Funerals and Grief).

Gravetalk team
We ran two sessions on Thursday 16 May 2019, with follow up sessions two weeks later. If you would like prior notice about our next session please contact the office.

Everyone is very welcome to join us to start the conversation about those big questions.  

We look forward to seeing you.